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New job, new perspective

If you’ve read some of my previous posts then you know I was a reporter for a large newspaper for a few years right out of college.

The experience was thrilling, amazing, defining, and aged me about 10 years. Hah. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing to happen to a… what was I… 21 when I started… almost 25 when I decided to leave? Yep. But after furloughs, layoffs, dramatic departures, etc. I felt like I had more than a lifetime of experience when it came to office politics. People at my parents or grandparents age probably never experienced what I went through or they are just now going through it.

I don’t regret what I endured. It made me stronger, made me reevaluate what I wanted to do, change things up and underlined how strongly I feel about this industry.

If you read my last post, then you know I quit in a dramatic fashion (which I will get into, believe me, it’s good) and went back to school to get my master’s in criminal justice (I was a police reporter and the world fascinated me). Drowning in debt, I pulled out of the program – opting to look back at it when I have a job to support myself and take it much slower.

Now, I am employed once again on the east coast (couldn’t get enough of that snow!) at a bigger, better newspaper than the one I left but here’s the catch: as a web producer.  I’m embracing the progressive movement of journalism via the internet and I have to say, while I miss writing, I feel like I am doing something worthy everyday. The most writing I do, unfortunately is headline writing and summaries. But hey, I’m in a newsroom, able to bounce ideas off editors and working an even faster paced environment with high expectations.

I’ve only been a web producer for 3 weeks so stay tuned on how I feel about the job once it begins to wear, but so far so good. It’s unfortunate that I am not in the reporters club – they tend to look out for each other and socialize together (much better crowd than the internet people) – but although I pine for those days I can’t complain about the better salary and not driving somewhere, getting lost in the snow.


Ridiculously long hiatus

Wow. I really let this one fall off the edge of the world.

Thank you to everyone who has commented…seriously almost all of them were extremely insightful and it’s nice to see that there are like-minded people out there who want to share ideas with me. Even you advertising advocates…

That being said, I’ve done some serious soul-searching since I last posted…

I attempted to get my master’s in criminal justice…was shy of obtaining it by a semester when I was offered yet ANOTHER job in a newsroom. After painfully flip-flopping like a true government politician (I may still have a future in public office), I decided to take the job. My mounting student debt was keeping me up at night and it wasn’t like I was going to law school with the consequential soul selling for at least $100K a year. There was no way to guarantee that I’d be able to pay back these loans and not live like a pauper for the succeeding 5 years. I don’t know how much I covered because I’m lazy and don’t want to go through my past posts but almost three years ago now, I left my job at northeast newspaper in a dramatic fashion.

My executive editor and I did not agree on many things. I understand his corporate attitude – it is how he has survived and done so well for himself. But just because I understand it – doesn’t mean I have to concede and let his way of succeeding be my way of flourishing, too.

In the end, I was given a few days to decide if I really wanted to resign and I turned in that infamous letter of resignation. It was polite, professional – sugar-coated the reasons I was leaving and gave ample notice. I do not regret that decision, though I will admit life was rough for a long time after that.

Before I start rambling, I was a breaking news/police reporter there and the criminal justice field very much piqued my interest. I packed up and flew a few thousand miles to an entirely different beast: Texas. Don’t ask me why, just know that I had friends there and I was looking for a lifestyle change. I got it – wasn’t my cup of…tequila and now I am back on the east coast working in a bigger (even though they’re not corporate) higher-ranked newspaper. I’m not reporting, so it will be interesting to write from this new perspective. I’m still editorial – I will never go to advertising (sorry), but it’s much more web focused as I have determined the digital department in any newsroom is the only one expanding, that pays decent and is pretty much the future.

So please, bear with me, as I am just getting back into this and keep the comments coming. I’ve got some great theories I’d like to run past people on the future of journalism.

Thanks for reading, really.