New job, new perspective

If you’ve read some of my previous posts then you know I was a reporter for a large newspaper for a few years right out of college.

The experience was thrilling, amazing, defining, and aged me about 10 years. Hah. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing to happen to a… what was I… 21 when I started… almost 25 when I decided to leave? Yep. But after furloughs, layoffs, dramatic departures, etc. I felt like I had more than a lifetime of experience when it came to office politics. People at my parents or grandparents age probably never experienced what I went through or they are just now going through it.

I don’t regret what I endured. It made me stronger, made me reevaluate what I wanted to do, change things up and underlined how strongly I feel about this industry.

If you read my last post, then you know I quit in a dramatic fashion (which I will get into, believe me, it’s good) and went back to school to get my master’s in criminal justice (I was a police reporter and the world fascinated me). Drowning in debt, I pulled out of the program – opting to look back at it when I have a job to support myself and take it much slower.

Now, I am employed once again on the east coast (couldn’t get enough of that snow!) at a bigger, better newspaper than the one I left but here’s the catch: as a web producer.  I’m embracing the progressive movement of journalism via the internet and I have to say, while I miss writing, I feel like I am doing something worthy everyday. The most writing I do, unfortunately is headline writing and summaries. But hey, I’m in a newsroom, able to bounce ideas off editors and working an even faster paced environment with high expectations.

I’ve only been a web producer for 3 weeks so stay tuned on how I feel about the job once it begins to wear, but so far so good. It’s unfortunate that I am not in the reporters club – they tend to look out for each other and socialize together (much better crowd than the internet people) – but although I pine for those days I can’t complain about the better salary and not driving somewhere, getting lost in the snow.


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