Silver Lining

While I still remain pessimistic and depressed about the recent layoffs, I can’t dwell on it, since I survived.

I was just given the dream schedule I originally would have had to wait for at least several months. My hours resemble normal business hours, which makes life easier and I have more responsibilities—so I guess I’m a little more important.

However, I know my new found importance is due to the layoffs. It’s hard to feel like I deserved this when I am only benefiting from the loss of others. I know it wasn’t my fault and the work has to go on but it seems a little hollow.

How am I supposed to feel like I deserve a congratulations when it might have not happened if newspapers weren’t struggling.

Either way, I know I shouldn’t let anything get stop me from doing what I am passionate about and that’s writing. I’m happy for the change and can only hope that it keeps coming my way.


6 responses to “Silver Lining

  1. I was wondering if I could solicit your opinion, or ever a post on schaffer’s article in salte, here:

    specifically this part:
    “I keep waiting for one of these distressed, failing newspapers to realize that it has nothing to lose and get a little crazy and create something brand new and brilliant for readers and advertisers. I keep being disappointed.”

    • I’d love to comment on slate. I imagine this is a bit dated now, but I will be posting again and have a lot to say on the future of journalism, especially now that I’m back in a newsroom. Start reading again! I’ll be posting pretty often. Thanks for the comment.

  2. While I haven’t gotten a promotion due to the waning industry, I can relate to your worries. You don’t want to jump up and down for job at having better hours (which is great, congrats!) but you don’t want to be like, eh, whatever either.
    It’s a thin line to straddle, but hopefully, as you said, you will continue to do what you’re passionate about and do it well. =)

    • Hey thanks for the comment. I guess I tried to fight doing what I love and somehow ended up with more debt, no degree and back in a newsroom. Ha! Jokes on me. Thanks for commenting, I’ll be writing again, now that my life is somewhat stable. Keep reading 🙂

  3. I’m going to need something new to read soon…

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