Not Out Of The Woods Yet

So, it turns out that my job was more affected by the recent layoffs than I had originally thought. I knew, of course, that the work load was going to increase, with less staff and the same amount of work—it seemed obvious. But the corporate company cut more at my specific paper than anywhere else in my state, since it is the biggest one among them. They also decided to combine classifieds and advertising with papers across the state (owned by the same company) so it is all at one location, my location. But advertising? I’m in the newsroom…shouldn’t bother me right?


Certain positions and aspects that were previously done in the newsroom, by journalists, because they follow AP style, have copy editors etc., etc. have now been moved to the dreaded advertising department. Don’t get me wrong, if advertising is what you want to do, more power to you. It just isn’t my cup of tea.

Half of my position’s duties have been moved to advertising, they say temporarily, until they can hire and have me train people to take my position. Does anyone see something wrong with this picture? You laid people off so you can hire more in a different department? Riiiight.

Needless to say my first day in advertising was hell on earth.


6 responses to “Not Out Of The Woods Yet

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  2. not only is that a bunch of mullarky, it is just plain stupid. I work in construction and I guarantee you wouldnt expect me to be your interior decorator. Why give people jobs that they are not supposed to be doing? Baffled, I am. Straight Baffled

  3. I completely agree with jbox…the whole thing seems to have been handled very poorly and I feel your pain with having to be in advertising…ugh

  4. Unbiased? You sure sound biased against advertising to me! Why can’t we all get along? All of our butts are on the line if we work at a newspaper – no matter what dept you’re in!

    • If you read my about page, then you’d know that I actually don’t believe in objectivity, it doesn’t exist. And my goal of remaining unbiased is against politics in the media, not advertising. Based off of my experiences with advertising, the bias is within that department not the newsroom. At my company, it seems to be okay to borrow workers from the newsroom but not vice versa, for the weekend shifts, when no advertising employees work on the weekends (at my newspaper).
      I do not have a bias against you (if you are in fact who you say you are) I just wish lines were respected and my advertising department would get more organized.

    • Haha my hate isn’t as strong as it may seem. Some of the best people in my life are in sales and advertising. But you are evil… totally evil… 😉

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