Low Morale in the Newsroom

About 2 months ago an email was sent out to everyone working in my office. It explained there would be a 10% involuntary staff reduction effective between Monday, Dec. 1 and Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008. So, as you can imagine, the morale in the newsroom is irregularly low. Meanwhile, new (and expensive) technology upgrades are being added to our facility.

One can’t help but wonder how news corporations prioritize their budgets, let alone time construction of costly upgrades in the face of large layoffs.

People who judge the media so harshly, forget that they are people too, facing hard economic times, losing jobs, worrying about money and life, much like everyone else, only they’ve been facing these problems before the economic crisis. The economy has little or nothing to do with the extinction newspapers are grappling with.


3 responses to “Low Morale in the Newsroom

  1. My advice, having lived through 19 years of the newspaper biz, is to work 12-hour days and come in for a few hours on Saturday. And write as many stories as you can. Give yourself a goal of one a day, then see if you can make it to two. Come up with compelling intros and make sure there is very little editing left for the nit pickers. Kiss your supervisor’s ass and the managing edotor’s ass, even the publisher’s. If you are hard working and underpaid, you will survive the cuts. I survived about six or seven waves. I finally asked for a buyout and pulled strings with those asses I kissed for years to get it.

    Survive for several years and then get an MBA and move to corporate/community/government affairs.

    • I somehow love your cynicism. Although I know it is justified and you have far more experience than I do, I only hope I am a part of the generation that will benefit from new ideas based off of working with the Internet and profiting somehow. My biggest fear is that it is those who are a fews years behind me or in high school that will be the generation that truly benefits, while my age group gets left in the dust.

  2. I can’t believe everything you were telling me about your office…How can you say that you are cutting the budget and laying people off and then guy buy unnecessary TV’s…crazy

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