The Dominating Rotten Egg

There are still worthy journalists out there, attempting to fight the good fight. But much the way a rotten egg can stink up an entire kitchen of good food, slanted, prejudicial, presumptive journalists are ruining the industry for the more neutral, report-the-facts journalists.

What I’ve said before still stands, there is no such thing as objectivity. However, there is such a thing as a professional, ethical journalist, though they may be few and far between.

I do believe this country as a whole will suffer if society does not accept the fact that journalism requires training, a certain oath to be as fair as possible and report all sides. Journalists used to command respect and were feared because they would print the truth—even if that meant stepping on some toes. Journalists have lost this reverence and deservingly so, with the way they have been conducting themselves.

But this is no reason to give up entirely on newspapers and the media. This is more of a reason to educate yourself, realize there are filters in the news you obtain and take note of the contradictions in the reporting.

But the way the public has reacted is shameful. To jump to the conclusion that every journalist is now tainted and biased is hypocritical. To allow every individual in the media industry to feel like they are criminals because their bosses and their more powerful and influential co-workers serve up their biases on the front page or in the top stories on television is truly a tragedy.

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Whatever the majority wants, the majority eventually gets. If this nation continues to lose faith in the media, rather than attempt to fix it, we will get what we wished for; more people will lose their jobs in the media, more will suffer, less will go to school to become this communication line between government, schools, events, tragedies, etc. and the “people” and what we have been taking for granted will be taken from us.


2 responses to “The Dominating Rotten Egg

  1. i never really looked at the situation in this way, but you are right about everything, from to how biased the media is down to how every journalist is entitled to their own opinion. this becomes a question of personal worth and morals, despite how society will accept or reject your views.

  2. You commented over at In One Ear…Out The Other and I have to say, I like your stuff. When journalists act shamefully we do tend to come down hard on them over there, but I have faith in most reporters, just not the punditocracy.

    If you would allow me the honor I would like to blogroll you. We young bloggers have to stick together.

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