The 2008 Presidential Election

I won’t drone on about this years election, it’s tough enough trying to avoid all the slanted talk coming straight out of the media.

But I do want to point out something many of you may already know about. has been keeping tabs on these powerful networks that serve as a communication line to the people. They had some interesting discoveries about the election.

What they discovered only underlines the point of this blog. The slanted way the media reports is disgusting! Surprisingly, FOX seemed to be the most balanced when it came to negative and positive reporting for both McCain and Obama. I’m not saying that they’re exempt from bias’. Having watched one program on FOX, they seem to be rellishing in the fact that they are more balanced (when it comes to the presidential election.) Which hardly seems like anything that should warrant praise!

The media has become so partisan that when they actually do what they’re supposed to do they expect a pat on the back! Hah! They should simply touch on the statistics instead of gloat the way they’ve been doing; only making themselves look worse.

Either way, I encourage you to see the website linked here about the statistics found. It is truly interesting.

Their website is also on my blogroll under A Watchful Eye on the Media.


One response to “The 2008 Presidential Election

  1. thepursuitoftruth

    I liked your post about how when a journalism company does what it should, it thinks that it merits annointed praise. Insightful. I also wanted to let you know that I had a new post up, and I commented back on your original comment on my third post. Thanks for your input.

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