The Danger of Bias in the Media

“Fair and balanced,” “The most trusted name in news,” these are the most common slogans for two of the most popular news channels watched by… well you! What do these slogans imply? That they are impartial? That they are trustworthy?

The battle between the media has been reduced to a simple name calling. Gone are the days of debate on issues depending on logic and intellectual argument. Now it seems all the media does is try to prove to its audience that the competition is bias.

The word bias in the journalism world is so beyond wrong it is heightened to dishonesty, villainous. If you can make your competition look bias, then you have won!

Is this what we put our trust in? This type of malicious media that will stop at nothing to make their competition look bias, even if it means less focus on the real issues?


3 responses to “The Danger of Bias in the Media

  1. I agree and that is why I rarely watch the news. I prefer to obtain my information from knowledgeable people such as yourself…and Colbert hahahhaha

  2. TDot, Democrat party members already knew that.

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