News Manipulation

News has the power to manipulate. It can manipulate the minds of its readers or audience. People instill a sort of blind trust in the news. They trust that what they are reading it true. Although I hardly know how valid that statement is today.

But, for the most part, people like to think that they are reading facts, being reported on by someone who is professional and knows to cover all sides. This is not true anymore. Journalists are taking that power that media has to manipulate and abusing it.

If you believe the news is powerful, imagine the people who control the news.

The news can manipulate, but it can also be manipulated. Whoever has control over that news is able to do with it their hearts desire.

This is the scary reality of the media. Journalists are really more powerful than one may think. They get the news before it’s filtered, rewritten and regurgitated onto you, it’s audience.

Every time you pick up a newspaper, watch a news program, realize that it has gone through many sticky fingers that had their say on whether it was correct… newsworthy.


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